Orchard Central

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238896


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Singapore's Tallest Shopping Mall

The tallest shopping mall in Singapore is Orchard Central, which is connected to 313@Somerset. The mall has up to 400 stores, including a Japanese-French dessert restaurant. The height alone makes Orchard Central a must-visit place for Singaporeans. Here’s a closer look. This article will provide an overview of the various shopping options at Orchard Central. It’s located along the main shopping belt of Orchard Road, and is located on land that was previously used for an open-air car park.

Orchard Central is Singapore’s tallest vertical mall

Orchard Central is Singapore’s tall shopping mall, occupying a 160-metre stretch of Orchard Road. It was officially opened on 2 July 2009, on the site of an open-air car park. The building is one of the tallest in the world. The mall features a massive shopping concourse that spans the entire height of the building. In addition to its unique design, Orchard Central also features an iconic ‘crowning’ facade – the mall’s most famous feature.

The Orchard Central Mall is Singapore’s tallest vertical mall, standing eleven floors above the ground and containing two basement levels. The building’s facade is comprised of a faceted membrane that stretches 160m from base to top. There are 52 escalators and 12 glass elevators to transport shoppers between floors. The mall also features multiple outdoor viewing decks, three green balconies, and a rooftop bar.

It is connected to 313@Somerset

The MRT station at Orchard Central is connected to the development through underground and ground-level linkages. 313@Somerset is linked to the adjacent Orchard Central by a corridor. The building also has a 24-hour direct pedestrian link to Orchard Road. The car park entrance can be found at Somerset Road. Orchard Central is connected to the nearby 313@Somerset mall through an underground linkage.

The 313@Somerset is located at the heart of the Orchard shopping district. Its prime location makes it ideal for shoppers and offers direct access to several malls and restaurants. The shopping center has eight levels, a number of designer boutiques, and restaurants. It is also accessible by public transport. However, visitors should consider the cost of a car parking space. The 313@Somerset is one of the most expensive properties in Singapore.

It has up to 400 stores

Orchard Central is an expansive shopping mall in the heart of Singapore, with over 400 retail outlets and services. The mall features a unique cluster concept, which places similar and complementary stores and services in one area. Additionally, the mall offers duty-exempt services and a tourist information centre. It is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And with its rooftop garden, you can spend your entire day shopping without ever having to leave the mall.

If you’re looking for a hotel near Orchard Central, consider Winsland Serviced Suites by Lanson Place. These rooms feature modern and contemporary interiors and come with balconies. You can even indulge in your favorite food in the onsite dining outlets. The hotel offers breakfast and dinner in a bistro-style restaurant, and the Pacific Lounge serves an excellent buffet. Bedrock Bar and Grill features international cuisine and a smorgasbord of fresh brews.

It offers Japanese-French desserts

If you’re a fan of sugary snacks, head down to Orchard Central. There, you’ll find a variety of cakes and ice creams. The neighborhood also offers a few cosy cafes. Try the Rainbow Cake, which uses six different fruit extracts. This Japanese-French joint offers desserts for both breakfast and dinner. It also offers a variety of coffee and espresso drinks.

In addition to Japanese-French sweets, the Orchard Central location also offers a number of French-Japanese joint-style cafes. Henri Charpentier, for example, offers French-Japanese desserts. The French-Japanese restaurant is popular for its Valentine’s Day chocolates, and its rustic ambiance is filled with lush greenery. It serves a range of sweets, including green tea parfaits and dorayaki, a sweet azuki bean paste pancake.

It is home to YELP

While Orchard Central is not the only YELP location in Singapore, it is the only one in the vicinity of Orchard Gateway, 313@Somerset, and Wisma. This mall is also home to a handful of other notable establishments. For breakfast and lunch, I highly recommend Dean and Deluca, which also serves a mean French toast. Other noteworthy restaurants in Orchard Central include Kuriya Penthouse, Medz, and Everything With Fries. With all of this variety, you can find a dining experience to suit any budget and taste. You can also find a number of fashion stores in Orchard Central. If you’re not a big shopper, Orchard Central isn’t overly crowded, so you can easily skip the first level of stores and visit another one.

It is located on Orchard Road

Singapore’s Orchard Central is a large shopping complex located on Orchard Road along the main shopping belt. It was built on land that was previously a large open carpark. The mall was officially opened on 2 July 2009.

If you love shopping, this is the place to be. From the designer boutiques to the international chain stores, Orchard Road has something for everyone. This is the prime location to do your Christmas shopping and shop till you drop. You’ll find everything you need here, from clothing and accessories to electronics and other necessities. Located right on Orchard Road, you can find a wide array of restaurants and bars offering world-class cuisine. Oriole Coffee and Bar, for example, serves aromatic coffee sourced from small farmer communities and roasts it in-house.

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