Being one of the most popular watch brands today, Swatch was founded in 1983 in Switzerland. Since then, they have expanded their reach to countries like Japan, the United States, and Singapore. Their watches are unique, colorful and versatile which allows you to have fun with your accessory wardrobe! They also ensure that their timepieces are updated with the trend as they release two new designs every year. 
Swatch emphasizes and focuses on designing their watches to fit your personal style and make a statement. They also ensure that functionality is not compromised with their aesthetic design. Swatch watches unisex styling also makes their watches look stunning on both men and women. One of their well-known collections would be their “I Love You Folk” that was released to honor and embrace one’s own culture and uniqueness. In this collection, they incorporated a touch to the season’s looks, having flowers, patterns or even paisley. 
Head down to Swatch at Tampines Mall now to take a look at the superb range of watches!


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