Serious Fresh


Desserts , Fruit Juice , Tea , BeveragesFreshly made, delicious premium fruit beverages for all.Serious fresh is a take-away drinks concept focused on quenching the heat with our premium quality fruit-based drinks. 
Our concept offers familiar local favorites revolving  around tropical and seasonal fruits. We strive to provide fun, tasty but seriously refreshing beverages suitable for all ages.
Get Refreshed!Meet Serious Bear, our resident Quality Officer who is focused on keeping a lookout for high quality fresh ingredients. He guards our ingredients and quality well and does not like anyone to mess with them. 
Because the best ingredients make the best drinks, we source and work with like-minded farms, producers and exporters who share the same ethos to procure the best quality ingredients for all, so that our customers can ensure they get to enjoy beverages with amazing quality.
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