Chinese Cuisine , Dim SumSan Ren Xing, or The Good Trio, believes that the dining table promotes family unity by bringing families together to bond and communicate, and we couldn’t agree more. For some good ol’ family-style dining that we might have neglected due to our busy lives, reconnect with family and friends in a homey, intimate setting at Chinese restaurant San Ren Xing, a home-grown establishment specialising in Fujian and Sichuan cuisine. 

Though the dim sum might be unassuming to the eye, the incredible depth and complexity of flavours more than make up for the simple presentation. 
The restaurant’s signature Steamed Pork Dumplings and Steamed Wanton with Chili are some of the must-tries among the fine selection of dim sum. Other outstanding dishes are the Vegetable Buns, Crispy Bread with Floss and Pan Fried Dumplings.
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