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Originating from Yokohama, Japan, FANCL is one of the largest cosmetics and dietary supplements corporations in the world. FANCL was founded by Kenji Ikemori in 1982 with his preliminary intentions of developing additive-free skincare cosmetics for his beloved wife. Back in 1979, during one of his drinking sessions with his dermatologist friend who informed him that most skin issues were caused by preservatives found in cosmetics. Hence, the cosmetics entrepreneur decided to revolutionise the beauty industry. 
Over the past 37 years, FANCL has had a reliable record of scientific distinction in research and development. The company has been able to respond to the needs of its customers by formulating preservative-free skincare packaged in hermetically sealed bottles. To accentuate FANCL’s commitment to bring its customers fresh and powerful skincare products, the beauty brand conjugates cleansing oil and water-based technology to form an ultra-dense foam which refines and restores the skin. In addition, FANCL’s preservative-free products strengthen the skin, making it less prone to sensitivity and inflammation. 
Head down to FANCL at Tampines Mall for preservative-free skincare products with nourishing and radiant benefits.


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