Men’s Shoes , Caps , Sneakers , Children’s Apparels , Women’s Shoes , Slingbags , Backpacks , Tops , Men’s Apparels , Outerwears , Bottoms , Women’s Apparels , Children’s ShoesThe company Converse first started off by making galoshes – winterised rubber-soled shoes made of impermeable materials – then expanded production to athletic shoes and released its first basketball shoe – the Converse All-Star. Since then, the brand has become an indispensable pair of shoes for millennials, selling over 270,000 pairs of the signature – Chuck Taylors a day, reaching to about 100 million pairs a year. The Chucks are not emblazoned with any labels, with a simple stitched upper, a rubber toe cap and a sole made of brown rubber, the retro aesthetic has been carefully preserved over the years. 
At the core of Converse, the brand epitomises individuality, where customers can choose from a kaleidoscope of colours and designs to find the perfect pair which accentuates your attitude. The classic silhouette will never go out of trend for generations to come.
Come visit Converse at Tampines Mall for a pair of shoes which have retained a humble sense of authenticity.


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