Milk Tea , Taiwanese Dessert

Blackball first began in Taiwan in 2006 when Mr. Tang was enthralled by the taste of grass jelly, also known as ‘Xian Cao’, a provincial delicacy in Guan Xi. It was not only refreshing and delicious but healthy as well. Since then, Blackball has gained popularity outside of Taiwan and hit many other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, USA and China. Currently, Blackball operates more than 50 outlets all over the world, 8 of which are in Singapore. 
Blackball serves variations of the delectable sweet treat without compromising on the familiar taste of the original form. Their Blackball Signature series features the original as well as shaved ice versions of grass jelly. Blackball expands the range of grass jelly desserts, offering specialty drinks as well as the Qffle Series. There are over 20 different toppings for your dessert, such as Taro Balls, Pudding and Black Sugar Conjac, all customizable to your cravings. In addition, each ingredient possesses nutritional qualities that will allow you to enjoy the desserts without guilt. 
Head over to a Blackball outlet in Singapore for a taste of this delightful dessert that transcends the traditional and ordinary today!

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