Japanese CuisineShitamachi Tendon Akimitsu is an award-winning restaurant originating from Asakusa, Tokyo, with more than 129 years of history in making donburi. Chef Akimistu Tanihara founded Akimitsu and has extensive skills and knowledge in making tendon and tempura. He has mastered the classic method of making tendon albeit in bolder, artistic styles. Chef Akimitsu Tanihara continues to find ways to elevate the taste and texture of his tempura through experimentation of frying times and cooking temperatures for varying ingredients. Chef Akimitsu Tanihara develops his unique in-house tendon sauce that delivers an extra flavour and harmony which ties the tempura and rice together which has become popular amongst Singaporean. 

Ingredients in Akimitsu are carefully and specifically chosen by chefs with years of practice in the traditional ways, ensuring their food is a pleasure for both your visuals and tastes. It is good to note that although tempura is served all year long, the seafood and vegetables selections may differ seasonally. Akimitsu’s signature tendon features fish fillet, prawns and a variety of vegetables, served with the recommended original Asakusa sauce that pairs wonderfully with the tempura. They are fried and crusted in batter, but unlike some versions of batter-fried food, traditional tempura is light, fresh-tasting and crisp. 
Stop by Akimitsu Singapore’s restaurants today and try it for yourself!

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