Acai Beach Club


Take-Away And Food KioskAcai Beach Club is the place to satisfy your acai cravings and enjoy a first-of-its-kind beach theme acai café experience in Singapore! 
With well decorated and Instagrammable walls along with its brightly lit interior, Acai Beach Club provides the ideal setting for diners to fully bask in its tropical atmosphere. 
Acai Beach Club offers a range of toppings, from fresh fruits to nuts and even a basil seed pudding. Be sure to try the Signature Shiok Bowl which includes the organic acai blend topped with basil seed pudding, granola, peanuts, walnut, almond flakes, pumpkin seed, flaxseed, goji berry, cacao nibs, banana, grapes, kiwi, seasonal fruits and coconut flakes. Their Cookie Butter is a thick and sweet sauce, notably a fan favourite, that pairs wonderfully with the acai base. The usual Almond Butter is also worth a try as it gives an extra nutty flavour to the acai mix. 
Full of colourful and flavourful toppings packed into a bowl, the acai bowls they offer are a refreshing and filling yet healthy option that double as a dessert or meal on its own. Come by any outlet in Singapore for a healthy treat today!
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